MG Announces Delays in Car Deliveries Due to Shipping Problems

The effects of the pandemic-induced slump in business activities are still being felt by industries around the world, especially those that rely heavily on overseas trade. An example of this is recent announcements by new automakers Proton and DFSK that the deliveries of their products are being delayed due to impediments in the shipment of vehicles or vehicle parts.


Morris Garages (MG) Pakistan, has found itself in the same boat, and resorted to issuing a public notice to inform its customers that “MG is on its way!” while attributing the delays in its deliveries to “shipment delays and the unexpected rise in shipping costs”.

It bears mentioning here that although MG has acquired the greenfield status to produce cars in Pakistan, no updates have been given in this regard.


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MG made its debut in Pakistan to a robust reception late last year, spellbinding regular car buyers and enthusiasts alike with its contemporary and good-looking SUVs — the MG HS and the MG ZS — with the latter’s all-electric variant soon to be launched in Pakistan.

So far, if MG’s claims are to be believed, then it has been the most successful out of all the new entrants, and second to KIA in terms of penetrating the market while having sold thousands of units across Pakistan within a span of four to five months.

A few weeks ago, MG had found itself caught in an alleged ‘under-invoicing scandal’, following which it was announced that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) had begun a probe into the situation. However, the automaker itself, and its key-stakeholder, Javed Afridi, quickly shot down the news, stating that “these stories are baseless rumors”.



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Later on, various news outlets also reported that after reviewing the details, the FBR had stated that the documents do not show any signs of ‘under-invoicing, after which the matter was referred to the Directorate-General of Post-Clearance Audit for an in-depth review and report.

MG has been a center of a lot of attention in Pakistan owing to various reasons ever since its arrival and seems to be on the cusp of becoming one of the most recognizable car brands in Pakistan due to its vast popularity and rapid progression.

However, with the HS SUV having established its place in the market, MG should strike the iron while it is hot, and introduce more new products in the sedan and hatchback segments for Pakistan.


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