The Galaxy A32, A52 and A72 Make Innovation Accessible to All

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd today unveiled the Samsung Galaxy A32, A52, and A72, making powerful innovation accessible to everyone. The latest Samsung Galaxy A series lets you communicate and express yourself with a powerful camera, immerse yourself in a clear viewing experience with a smooth scrolling display, and enjoy greater peace of mind with innovative Galaxy foundation features including water resistance and a long-lasting battery.

“Samsung strives to give consumers what they want and need most. That is why we set out with a vision for the Galaxy A series to democratize Galaxy innovations for everyone,” said Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics.

Create, communicate and express yourself with a powerful camera

Samsung has set the bar high for camera quality, and the Galaxy A32, A52, and A72 are no different. By making exciting camera innovations available for the new Galaxy A series, you can enjoy more fun and versatile photos and videos.

  • Powerful Cameras – The Galaxy A32 will feature a 64MP Main Camera, 8MP Super Ultra-Wide camera, 5MP Depth Camera, and a 5MP Macro camera. The Galaxy A52 and A72 will both feature 64 MP main cameras and 12MP Super Ultra-Wide cameras, the A72 will feature an 8MP Telephoto lens with Optical Zoom which ensures that far away objects can be captured with great detail. The A32 features a 20MP front camera while the A52 and A72 both feature 32MP front cameras.
  • Versatile Camera Experience – Shoot vivid and crisp photos and videos with ease thanks to a versatile quad camera with 64MP high-resolution. Instantly turn your favorite moments from 4K videos into 8MP high-resolution images with 4K Video Recording. 123 Degree Ultra-Wide Shoot to get the most amount of content in one shot without losing detail.
  • Stable day or night – Whether filming the latest dance trend or capturing a new skateboard trick, OIS (optical image stabilization) ensures pictures and videos come out sharp and steady. No need to miss an important moment anymore because of low lighting. Bright Night mode uses multi-frame processing, resulting in a bright and crisp image even in the dark.

See and be seen with an immersive display and refined design.

Samsung enhances experiences and style with a vivid display and sophisticated design to fit and reflect your life.

  • Brighter and Smoother – Enjoy your favorite show on the Samsung’s beloved Super AMOLED display. Now with 90Hz refresh rates on the Galaxy A32, A52 and A72 as well, the scrolling experience is even smoother.
  • Refined design – The new Galaxy A series features a refreshed design that is simple yet purposeful with a soft-edge design and minimal camera housing.
  • Fingerprint and Face unlock – All three phones come with an on-screen fingerprint unlock feature as well as Face unlock to give an amazing usage experience.
  • Large Screens – The A32 will feature a large 6.4” Infinity-U display, the A52 will feature a large 6.5” Infinity-O display and the A72 will feature a 6.7” Infinity-O display.

Expect more and get more with Galaxy foundation.

The new Galaxy A series comes with the Galaxy essentials that all Galaxy users deserve to have.

  • Peace of mind – Take chances and get messy without worry as the Galaxy A52 and A72 are water and dust resistant with an IP67 Protect the things that matter with built-in Samsung Knox—Samsung’s defense-grade security system that safeguards personal information and data in real-time.
  • Two-day battery – Capture, create, and consume without slowing down with a large battery capacity that lasts two days with A32’ and A72’s 5,000mAh and A52’s 4,500mAh battery capacity.
  • Super-fast charging – The A32’s 15W and A52 and A72’s 25W super-fast charging adapters ensure that charging is not a tedious or time-consuming affair.
  • Large Storage Space – The Galaxy A32, A52, and A72 are equipped with external memory up to 1TB with 128 GB internal memory in all three models. The A32 has 6GB RAM while the A52 and A72 have 8GB RAM for the truly fast and immersive user experience.
  • Support sustainability – Samsung regularly evaluates products, packaging, and operations to discover new ways to improve our efforts to promote sustainability. The Galaxy A52 and A72 use pulp mold and paper to minimize unused space and material use for the packaging.
  • Software updates – Samsung has been always trying to provide the Galaxy users with up–to–date mobile OS, and it’s expanded to the A series. The Galaxy A32, A52, and A72 will support software upgrades for three generations, and regular security updates for a minimum of four years.
  • Powerful Processors – The Galaxy A32 features a 2.0Ghz Octa-Core processor while the Galaxy A52 and A72 feature a 2.3Ghz Octa-Core processor to give a truly powerful and enjoyable usage experience.


The new Galaxy A Series will be available in Awesome Violet, Awesome Blue, Awesome Black, and Awesome White For more information about the Samsung Galaxy A32, A52 and A72, visit