Xiaomi Launches a 10KG Smart Washing Machine With NFC for $244

Xiaomi’s portfolio of smart home products is expanding once again with the Mijia Pulsator Washing Machine. The smart washing machine comes with a load of features and support for NFC for only $244.


Xiaomi has previously launched 3kg, 5.5kg, and 8kg capacities for the same washing machine before, but now we are getting a 10KG model with improved features. According to Xiaomi, this washing machine is capable of washing 48 shirts, 4 curtains, 4 sets of bed sheets, and other smaller clothes all at once.

The body of the washing machine is made out of PCM metal which is waterproof as well as moisture-proof. The lid at the top has tampered glass so anyone can easily look inside at all times. This lid comes with a variety of safety measures to prevent any harm or injuries.

There are 16 different washing modes that can be used for common as well as high-grade fabrics. 8 of these 16 washing modes can be switched with a press of a single button and you also get extra 8 modes through the washing machine’s phone app.

The machine’s insides feature different air drying modes and a self-cleaning mode thanks to the inner barrel. In self-cleaning mode, the high-speed water flow is used to clean the inside as well as the outside of the barrel. The air-drying mode makes sure there is no residual moisture left that could grow bacteria or pollute clothes.

As with most of Xiaomi’s smart home products, this one can also be paired with other smart products through the Mijia app. This way, you can set up your speakers to play a tone or music once the washing machine is done washing. Likewise, the smart drying rack can be paired to automatically drop once the washing machine is done.


Furthermore, the NFC support makes phone pairing possible with a light tap.

The Xiaomi Smart Pulsator Washing Machine 10kg will go for sale in April for $244.


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