DHO Islamabad Reduces Age Limit for Single-Dose CanSinoBio Vaccine

District Health Officer (DHO) Islamabad has reduced the age limit for receiving CanSinoBIO’s COVID-19 vaccine to 70 years.

DHO Islamabad had previously set the age limit for receiving CanSinoBIO’s vaccine in the capital at 80 years.


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According to DHO Islamabad, Zaeem Zia, residents of the federal capital can get the single-dose CanSinoBIO vaccine at the Rural Health Center (RHC) Tarlai.

During the last 24 hours, Islamabad recorded 641 new cases of Coronavirus, pushing the positivity rate in the federal capital to 11%.

Known as Ad5-nCoV, CanSinoBIO developed the Coronavirus vaccine in collaboration with the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology and tested it in large-scale phase-III clinical trials that were held in five countries, including Pakistan, in which more than 40,000 volunteers participated.


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Results of trials were published in February which confirmed that the CanSinoBIO vaccine was 65% effective at preventing symptomatic cases and 91% effective at preventing severe infection.

As for the Pakistani subset, the vaccine offered 75% protection against symptomatic cases and 100% protection against severe infection.