Proton Shares Good News for Pakistani Auto Market

In a recent update shared by a Malaysian Automotive News outlet,, Proton is set to commence local assembly of cars in Pakistan in Q3 2021. The news has reportedly come from Al-Haj automotive – Proton’s partner in Pakistan – as per which the company is establishing an assembly plant to produce 25,000 units each year.

The company had initially planned to begin local operations by the end of 2020, but due to the hurdles created by the global pandemic, the operations got delayed, and now the operations will begin in Q3 2021. The initial investment for the project is reportedly $30 million. Reportedly, the new plant shall create 2000 direct employment opportunities and 20,000 indirect job opportunities.


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As per the agreement between Al-Haj automotive and Proton, the company shall initially sell CBU units and CKD units shall go on sale by late 2020 or early 2021. However, the delays caused by COVID-19 led to the delays in the establishment of the plant, which means that the CKDs shall not be made available in mid-to-late 2021.

The establishment of a dedicated plant also means a chance for Proton Pakistan to introduce more vehicles to the market. Cars such as the Proton Iriz, Persona, and X50 have a rather large market in Pakistan. Plus, Proton Pakistan has also hinted on numerous occasions that it shall add more variety to its lineup in Pakistan. Let us hope that it is a step in that direction.

  • whats the good news? ye to 2 saal se suntay a rahay hain… in fact they shouldn’t have launched if nothing is ready. yahan pehlay din Saga ki booking pey Dec/ Jan 2022 ki date day rahay hain losers

  • Launch by having nothing to sell. Showrooms are empty and delivery date being given is for the year 2022. Just collecting money for nothing.

  • Good to hear , Good news for Pakistani vehicle market and economy, it will create some direct and indirect jobs

  • Inshallah soon the proton items will be available….just wait you will have flavour good💝

  • Its good move by present government to break the monopoly and poor quality Cars presently available in Pakistan market.

  • Why we should pay advance money? These idiots make car from the booking money, give you a long delivery date and earn hefty profits on your investment. Why don’t they manufacture cars, bring them to showroom and people can go in and buy

    • These automaker’s take advances to build their factories and import car part …. And for this they dont want to invest there own money …. Also all the vendors are also paid after atleast six month … If you look at it like that … Tha automakers are not even investing any money of their own … Just ripping of poor pakistani people …

  • Inshallah soon the proton items will be available….just wait you will have flavour good💝

  • What the help. We pakistani are dying to purchase those out dated technology cars which are gone in their countries. Paying money in advance for a vehicle which will be delivered after 1 year. Whats the difference b/w these new entrant and the old players toyota and honda. Even no body knows the market response for these new players.
    They all know the psyche of pakistani’s that they all are ready to pay for nothing. They all are playing with our money.

  • It will end up the manoply of hnda and toyota, who are ripping people by unrealistic prices.

  • Its not necessary to see your convenience and comfort in front, its good for Pakistan too, foriegn exchange, employment and technology, all shall come to pakistan. We can wait, its not life saving drug. Guys think of your country first. I am also looking forward to have X-70

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