Questions Raised Over Cambridge’s Controversial Decision for Pakistani Students

Rescheduling of O- and A-level exams, including full syllabus for theoretical exams despite prolonged closure of schools and colleges, marking practicals on the basis of theoretical exams, and its decision to hold exams in Pakistan while delaying on-campus exams in the rest of the region have raised serious doubts over the decision making of the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE).

Students are in a quandary following CAIE’s questionable decisions as thousands of O- and A-level students across Pakistan have already dropped out of this year’s May/June exam series.


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They feared that their overall grades of specific subjects will be adversely affected as CAIE has decided to mark practicals on the basis of theoretical exams.

Administrations of schools and colleges that have sent the admissions of O- and A-level students to CAIE also face the challenge of holding the May/June exam series amid the deadly third wave of Coronavirus.


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On the other hand, the CAIE administration has declined to explain the rationale behind these decisions and noted that students have been already provided with various options regarding the marking of the May/June exam series.

CAIE administration added that May/June exam series are being organized in Pakistan only after receiving permission from the relevant authorities.