NCOC Issues Strict SOPs for Ramadan

With the start of Ramadan and in view of the prevailing COVID-19 situation, the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) meeting on Tuesday issued new SOPs to curb the third wave of Coronavirus.

According to details, the latest guidelines come into effect immediately across the country as the NCOC has directed concerned authorities to ensure strict compliance with the guidelines.


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Here are all the SOPs issued by the NCOC for Ramadan:

Implementation of broader lockdowns with stringent enforcement protocols based on the prevalence of COVID-19. Barring emergencies, no movement will be allowed in areas under lockdown.

Businesses except essential services will be allowed to operate from Sehr till 6 PM. All kinds of indoor and outdoor social, cultural, political, sports gatherings will remain banned.

Indoor dining will remain closed while only takeaways will be allowed. Outdoor dining, however, will be allowed from Iftar till midnight (11:59 PM) under strict COVID-19 precautionary measures.

Congregational prayers to be offered in open spaces as much as possible. All tiers of district administrations have been ordered to engage with scholars to ensure compliance with COVID-19 SOPs during Ramadan.

While cinemas and shrines will remain closed, there will a complete ban on contact sports, festivals, cultural, and other events as well.

Although amusement parts will remain closed, walking and jogging tracks will remain open with strict adherence to COVID-19 SOPs.

50% work from home policy will continue in all public and private organizations.


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Intercity public transport will operate at 50% of total capacity. Rail travel will operate at 70% of total capacity. Inter-provincial public transport will remain closed on Saturday and Sunday till 25 April 11:59 PM. NCOC will meet on 20 April to review the ban on inter-provincial public transport on weekends.

Strict protocols for tourism, including sentinel testing sites at entry points, will be enforced in GB, KP, and AJK and all tourist places in the country.

District administrations will remain mobile to ensure strict compliance with facemask-wearing practice. The use of facemasks will be promoted through community-level and media awareness campaigns.

Mainstream media will be required to provide mass coverage to punitive actions taken as a result of violations of COVID-19 SOPs.

NCOC meeting will meet on 10 Ramadan to review all the above-mentioned COVID-19 SOPs.