This App Can Detect COVID-19 in Minutes With 95% Accuracy

A Munich-based company called Semic RF hopes to spearhead a breakthrough in COVID-19 testing with the help of an eye scan application that takes only three minutes to identify the carriers of the coronavirus.

According to a report published in Reuters, the app has a success rate of 95 percent, and the company hopes to commence commercial roll-outs of the app by the end of May.


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The Managing Director of Semic RF, Wolfgang Gruber, told Reuters that the company had “managed to isolate COVID-19 from over two million different shades of pink”.

Explaining the usage of the app, he said, “take your app, take a picture of both eyes, send it for evaluation, and then you can have the evaluation stored as a QR code on the tested person’s smartphone”.


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For now, the app is being targeted at organizations and commercial users and costs $570 per month. The company plans on catering to private demands as soon as it receives the required approvals from the concerned regulatory authorities.