SCO to Power K2 Base Camp with High-Speed 4G

In a truly disruptive measure to promote tourism, SCO, the largest telecom network of AJ&K and GB, is bringing high-speed internet connectivity to the K2 base camp. This major development could vastly change how expeditions operate on the second-highest and the deadliest mountain in the world, besides helping climbers in communicating their progress more effectively.


The SCO team has started working on installing the BTS system at Concordia, the confluence of Baltoro and Goodwin Austin glacier near Broad Peak, and K2 Base camp. The mobile coverage and 4G internet access in this most extreme yet wonderful place, also known as ‘The Throne Room Of Mountain Gods’, will be a magnificent feat and benefit mountaineers and trekking groups to stay connected with their families, and assist in emergency situations.

The installation of an SCO tower at Concordia-K2 base camp has already completed and will surely help to boost the number of expeditions to K2 and Broad Peak. Thanks to the tower, mountaineers and tourists will now be able to use their cellphones and high-speed 4G internet on and around K2.

SCO’s commitment to powering the K2 region has been unfaltering, with major milestones going largely unnoticed over the past couple of years. In December 2014, SCO connected the Shimshal valley with the rest of the world through its cellular network. And in October 2018, SCO started providing GSM services in Askoli, K2’s nearest settlement. Askoli is a small town located in Shigar Valley of Gilgit–Baltistan, and serves as the launchpad for mountaineering expeditions to K2, Broad Peak, and other major mountains.

“SCO has never prioritized profits; the convenience of the people has always been our very first priority,” shared an SCO official. “We are providing telecom services in these remote, sparsely-populated areas like Shimshal, Askoli, and Concordia just to connect the unconnected people and promote tourism here. SCO has always put the national interest first, which is why it is committed to introducing modern telecom facilities to such impossible areas where no other operator can reach.”

SCO has remained at the forefront of highlighting the natural beauty of AJ&K and GB and promoting tourism in the region. The company takes pride in being the preferred and trusted organization of the region’s people. SCO remains committed to bringing the awe-inspiring region at par with the rest of the nation and the world in terms of the advancement of Information and Communication Technologies.


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