Sahiwal Coal Power Plant Achieves Zero Carbon Emission Level

A Chinese coal-fired power plant in Pakistan recently achieved ultra-low, even zero carbon emission level.

According to details, China Huaneng Group (CHNG), a state-owned electricity generation company based in Beijing, recently achieved the ultra-low carbon emission level at the Sahiwal Coal Power Plant.


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While speaking at the 6th International Forum on Carbon Capture, Uses and, Sequestration, Jia YuanPei, a spokesperson for CHNG, noted that the international community, including Pakistan and China, has faced serious challenges due to the climate change resulting from carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants in recent years.

However, Jia added, Sahiwal Coal Power Plant has joined the ranks of green coal-fired power projects thanks to its high efficiency and ultra-low carbon emissions which have surpassed the current standards.


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Besides, electricity generation companies from China, Australia, UK, and the US attended the forum and discussed the latest academic achievements and applications of carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

Stretching over 1,700 acres, Sahiwal Coal Power Plant is the country’s first supercritical coal power plant. It consists of two 660-megawatt plants for a combined capacity of 1,320 MW, which became operational in May 2017.

    • do you even know the meaning of supercritical power generation. This is possible with supercritical process bcuz they reduce emissions considerably well than conventional coal plants also to achieve zero emissions pollutants can be captured and converted into Co2 for commercial use or they can be used as a raw materials for construction industry processes. like limestone, marble, fly ash bricks etc.

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