MG Pakistan ‘Angered’ by Delayed Car Deliveries in Pakistan

MG Pakistan has finally issued a public response to address delays in delivery and transport of vehicles that have been irking its local customers.

The notice detailed that considerable efforts have been made in bringing the vehicles to Pakistan but the deliveries have been delayed once again owing to certain issues on a global scale that has made MG itself “angry”. It highlighted several reasons behind the delays and affirmed that it will take counter-measures to facilitate its customers.

The statement added that the bookings of new vehicles have been suspended indefinitely as the global chip shortage and port congestions have obstructed the supply of vehicles.


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MG further clarified that 1300 units of the HS and 400 units of the ZS SUVs have already arrived and are being delivered to the customers across Pakistan, and over 1500 MG vehicles have already been delivered across Pakistan.

As per the statement, although the ZS SUV will be delivered by the committed dates and times, the HS vehicles will be delivered to those who had made bookings prior to 19 March 2021 on a first-come-first-serve basis, albeit with a delay of two to three months in the committed delivery date.

It also added that MG is taking bookings of the HS SUV from a limited number of financing customers.


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MG’s response to the issue has reportedly received positive feedback from the public that is used to not getting clarity or responses from the automakers. Therefore, MG’s decision to clarify the issues at hand with its patrons and customers is likely to add to its appeal greatly, especially from a public relations perspective.