Govt to Form Focus Group to Help Pakistani Sellers on Amazon

The National E-Commerce Council will form a focus group comprising experts to address the challenges to Amazon becoming a successful platform for the selling of Pakistani products to the world.

The platform will only assist Pakistanis who wish to sell their local products abroad, it will not benefit consumers as they will not be able to purchase anything from the e-commerce site. A similar model to this is also functional in China, Indonesia, and other countries.

According to the Advisor to the Prime Minister for Commerce and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood, there are many challenges to e-commerce, includes logistics and warehousing, in Pakistan. The task of the focus group will be to conduct monthly meetings to address such challenges.

Dawood remarked that Amazon will provide Pakistani exporters the opportunity to sell their wares and will boost Pakistan’s export sector.


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“Thousands of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities will be created. Our philosophy is to promote ‘Make in Pakistan’. I want to thank all my colleagues who helped us in achieving this milestone,” he remarked.

He emphasized that the logistics companies in the private sector need to work efficiently.

“Logistics are a big challenge. We are working on it. Pakistan Post is also going for automation and preparing itself for parcel deliveries,” he said.


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Dawood declared that standardization to ensure that sellers comply efficiently with buyers’ demands will be another challenge. He added that Amazon has an internal quality checking mechanism, and if the buyer has any complaints, the seller will have to face the consequences.