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Shehroze Kashif Completes Record-Breaking Summit of Mount Everest

19-year-old climber, Shehroze Kashif, has become the youngest Pakistani mountaineer to summit the world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest.

On Monday night, Kashif began his journey to summit the 8848.86-meter mountain peak. He shared his tracker throughout with his friends and followers so that they can stay updated with his progress as he hoisted Pakistan’s flag on top of the world’s tallest mountain.


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Before setting on this journey, Kashif posted on Facebook,

After years of wait and prep, the moment has arrived finally so it is getting very hard to control my emotions. I’m bursting with excitement, energy, and determination. The last couple of years I have done all I could to prepare and be ready for this moment.


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The Pakistani mountaineers who have scaled the summit earlier include Hassan Sadpara, Nazir Sabir, Mirza Ali Baig, Samina Baig, and Abdul Jabbar Bhatti.

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