Zhob Airport Officially Resumes Flights After 3 Years

Balochistan’s city of Zhob has officially resumed flight operations after three years.

To mark the resumption of operations, an ATR aircraft of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) from Karachi landed at the Zhob Airport on 18 May.

A panel of esteemed guests, including the provincial minister, Mitha Khan Kakar, the General Manager PIA Bilal, Station Manager Zhob Airport Abdul Shakur, and concerned stakeholders were also present at the occasion.


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The resumption of flight operations between Karachi and Zhob will prioritize two weekly flights on PIA’s aircraft henceforth, costing each passenger a fixed fare of Rs. 6,500 for one-way flights.

According to CEO PIA Arshad Malik, this development essentially aims to extend the best possible service to the public, and particularly to the business communities of Zhob and Karachi, and to inculcate a wider spectrum of exposure for Balochistan in the long run.