Online Brands Made Their Way Through Ramzan Campaigns With Consumable Content

The pandemic has most definitely changed the way brands market their campaigns. Many brands had to reallocate their budgets to keep them up and running in order to survive. Some of them have had to put their ad campaigns on hold, and hope to un-pause their media plans when markets open up.

While it was difficult to have a lockdown marketing strategy for industry leaders in the current scenario when the market uncertainty led to multiple businesses completely shutting down, we saw a few brands emerge through the clutter with innovative campaigns.

According to Arif Chowdhury, the founder of Clibro, an effective marketing plan entails much more than just repurposing the content for various channels. Many brands in Pakistan, create creative and marketing campaigns for the month of Ramzan which attracts new consumers based on the emotional connect.

Today, as a case we will go through the efforts of a brand that displayed all the true aspects of content marketing. Daraz, the country’s leading online shopping platform, came forward with an entirely different strategy this year around. Ramzan Daraz Say campaign focused on innovation as well as creating awareness with the element of giving back to the community.

Daraz, a tech platform with 6 Million monthly active users, had to keep its visitors engaged during changing media consumption landscape in Ramzan. the largest online seller marketplace in Pakistan has a monthly user base of more than 6 million+.

They produced a comedy talk show with Tabish Hashmi having multiple celebrities to be aired on the Daraz App right after Iftar timings. According to sources at Daraz, the unpaid traffic saw a 15% increase.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Daraz has a heavy weightage of female visitors. Fashion and Health and beauty are two of the top categories on the platform which also produced a cooking show with star chef Zarnak Sidhwa. Zarnak while preparing delicious quick iftar recipes also educated the viewers on how to do grocery shopping from Daraz during lockdown.

Since Ramzan is a month of giving and to help collect online donations, Daraz initiated “Asaan Donations Daraz Say” by Daraz’s CSR unit Daraz Cares who partnered with more than 20 different organizations and provided them a platform with more than 6 Million monthly user base.

More than $46,000 in donations were collected for Eidhi, Indus Hospital, Akhwat, Saylani, and many other partnered organizations. Daraz also partnered with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative, “Koi Bhookha Nahi Soye Ga”.