Electricity Users to Get a Huge Relief in June

In a bid to provide relief to power consumers, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) is expected to reduce the monthly fuel cost adjustments charges (FCA) by 84 paisa per unit for the month of April.

The Central Power Purchase Agency (CPPA-G) has filed a petition seeking a decrease of 84 paisa per unit for April under the FCA.


Power Generation Increased by 6.5% in 10 Months of FY21

The CPPA revealed that it had charged consumers a reference fuel tariff of Rs 6.6087 per unit in April, while the actual fuel cost had turned out to be Rs 5.7860 per unit.

The NEPRA was also informed that a total of 10,193.56 GWh of electricity costing Rs 58.79 billion had been generated in April, of which 24.55 percent was hydel, 23.28 percent coal, 12.19 percent gas, 24.54 percent RLNG, 10.18 percent nuclear, 1.41 percent furnace oil and 1,88 percent wind.

It will conduct a public hearing on 2 June.