Kia Pakistan Explains Why Its Customers Are Facing Car Delivery Delays

The negative impact of the COVID-19 induced hiccups in the global automotive industry supply chain is being felt by various automakers around the world. The interruptions being caused in the production process around the globe are the culprits behind the vehicle delivery delays across the globe, including the Pakistani car market.

Kia Lucky Motors (KLM) supposedly become a victim of the issue and had resultantly also become subject to a lot of criticism from the car buyers across Pakistan. In response to the public’s dismay, the company has taken to social media to offer the following explanation for the issue:

It is important to note that the automaker also added in the notice that it will offer compensation to the customers against the vehicle delivery delays. Although the compensation has not been specified, it is likely that the company will follow in DFSK’s footsteps and offer free maintenance for the vehicle for a certain time period, provided that the vehicle is not critically damaged or heavily modified.


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Recently, it has been reported that the government will impose a penalty on the car companies that delay the delivery of vehicles to customers beyond two months of booking.

Although it is a promising decision, it bears noting that the global automotive industry is currently suffering from supply-chain hurdles induced by COVID-19. Currently, chip shortage and the impending tire shortage are the main concerns that are likely to cause recurring delays in production and deliveries, as well as a wave of price hikes.

It is yet to be seen what effects these issues might have on the Pakistani automotive industry.