Telcos Respond to Punjab Govt’s Suggestion of Blocking Sims of Unvaccinated Citizens

Telecommunication companies in the country have decided to reject the Punjab government’s possible move of blocking SIM cards of citizens who refuse to receive the Coronavirus vaccine.

Telecom companies have claimed that the Punjab government did not consult them before considering a possible move to increase the COVID-19 vaccinations by suspending mobile connections of unvaccinated citizens.


Punjab Govt Considering to Block Sims of Unvaccinated People

They have argued that there is a wide range of options that the provincial government can exercise to encourage the citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Earlier this week, the Punjab government held a high-level meeting to review recommendations and restrictions regarding mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.


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The meeting’s participants proposed that government should block the SIM cards and access to shopping malls and restaurants of the citizens who refuse COVID-19 vaccinations.

Besides, the meeting also mulled over declaring COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for all citizens of Punjab.