How to Sell on Amazon with Proper Training is a billion-dollar eCommerce industry, an online platform with all the tools you need to build, manage, and grow your business. It allows you to sell, music, kitchen appliances, furniture, housewares, and other goods all over the world. Recently, Pakistanis received the exciting news of being on Amazon’s approved seller list.

It is indeed a remarkable feat for the local eCommerce industry, and a huge opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, wholesalers, and even manufacturers to capture the international market.

However, a lot of Pakistanis still don’t know much about selling on Amazon. Is it just like running a Facebook sales page or using local eCommerce marketplaces like Daraz, OLX Mall, etc.? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Amazon is a completely different platform and you need proper training before starting to sell on it.

New Market for Pakistani Manufacturers & Sellers

The dream of Pakistanis to show our potential to the world and sell amazing products on Amazon has finally come true. But Amazon has its own specialties and protocols that are pretty new to us. Therefore, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to jump into this sea without necessary preparations.

Selling Without Experience

Selling on Amazon with zero experience is a key barrier that might stop you from being a part of this huge marketplace. If you make any mistakes or fail to follow Amazon’s rules and regulations, it will reflect badly on Pakistan and the chances of your efforts going to waste will be strong.

These mistakes might also cause Amazon to cancel our country’s rights to sell on its platform. So, proper training is crucial before starting to sell on Amazon. One of the major training providers in this domain is PNY Trainings, a leading IT Training institute in Pakistan that offers industry-leading Amazon training courses under the guidance and mentorship of top sellers and industry professionals.

Essentials of Amazon’s Privacy & Policy

There are a lot of things you have to take care of before starting to sell on Amazon. For starters, Amazon expects sellers to give proper and accurate details of their business to their customers.

Some other things to remember while preparing to sell on Amazon from Pakistan include: never abuse or intentionally damage another seller listings or ratings; never increase the prices of products after an order is placed; and never send inappropriate or wrong messages to customers.

Are You Familiar With Amazon’s Business Modules?

Amazon, being a leading marketplace for sellers and buyers, comes up with numerous programs for its partners. To facilitate trade and eCommerce business, Amazon has numerous business modules like Amazon FBA, Amazon Wholesale, Amazon Dropshipping, Amazon Affiliate Marketing, and many more. This makes proper training all the more necessary for first-time sellers from Pakistan.

Want to be a Professional Seller on Amazon?

All you need to do is to visit PNY Trainings that offers effective and professional Amazon Training Courses from basic to advanced level under professionals guidance. The course will cover all Amazon business modules like Amazon FBA, wholesale, Dropshipping, etc.

PNY is also offering the course of Amazon Virtual Assistant hat helps to grow your chances of employment in a new way. These courses are all about understanding policies & procedures, managing stores, improving sales, enhanced marketing, and selling on Amazon.

Why PNY Trainings?

Here are some facts about why PNY Trainings is the right platform for Amazon seller training. PNY Trainings is Pakistan’s leading IT training institute offering 100+ courses related to IT, Freelancing, eCommerce, skills development, and more.

With a team of 75+ professionals, a portfolio of 15,000+ alumni, and multiple branches all over the country, PNY is making a difference nationwide. Along with in-house courses, you have the opportunity to take online trainings, access recordings, and get internship opportunities leading to a job. PNY Trainings is a gateway that will lead you to be a part of the digital world.

PNY Trainings offers the following professional courses:

  • Advanced Amazon Selling Course
  • Advanced Digital & Social Media Marketing
  • Full Stack Web Development & Designing
  • Full Stack Graphic Designing
  • Cyber Security & Networking/ Ethical Hacking
  • E-commerce & Freelancing
  • Software Engineering & Advanced IT Trainings
  • Android/iOS & Advanced Game Development
  • Spoken English, IELTS & Chinese Language Courses
  • PNY PINK (Advanced Learning Courses for Females)
  • PNY GENIUS (For Kids.)
  • One Year Diplomas& 6th Month Certified Courses
Learn it well before practice!

PNY Trainings offers you an opportunity to learn everything about selling on Amazon with the help of leading sellers and professional trainers. With PNY Trainings, you can be a successful player in the Pakistani eCommerce industry.

The institute helps you turn your passion into a profession and bring it to the marketplace. So, learn lucrative professional skills with PNY Trainings, and work in the mainstream to have a brighter future.