Research Reveals a Shocking Fact About Cosmetics Used in USA & Canada

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have found that most of the cosmetics sold in the United States of America and Canada contain high levels of a toxic compound that can cause serious health issues including cancer and reduced birth weight.

The researchers had tested over 230 commonly used makeup products in the US and Canada, including lipstick, foundation, mascara, and eye and eyebrow makeup, and found that 56 percent of foundations and eye products, 48 percent of lip products, and 47 percent of mascaras contain high levels of fluorine, which is an indicator of poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) — a chemical that is used in non-stick frying pans, rugs, and numerous other consumer products.


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It was determined that waterproof mascara and long-lasting lipstick contain the highest levels of PFAS.

Graham Peaslee, the senior author of the study and a professor of Physics at the University of Notre Dame, said, “Lipstick wearers may inadvertently eat several pounds of lipstick in their lifetimes. But unlike food, chemicals in lipstick and other makeup and personal care products are almost entirely unregulated in the US and Canada. As a result, millions of people are unknowingly wearing PFAS and other harmful chemicals on their faces and bodies daily”.