Realme Sub-Brand Dizo Teases a New Phone

Realme’s sub-brand Dizo, known for producing wearable gadgets, has teased its first mobile phone on Twitter. The brand shared a teaser poster that shows a silhouette of the back of the phone.


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The phone is not clearly visible in the teaser, but looking closer, we can tell that it’s a feature phone with a circular main camera and a flash.

There is no official word from Dizo about this feature phone, but it might be the Dizo Star 500 certified by FCC in May. However, the mobile phone spotted on FCC had the Dizo branding on the rear panel, while this one skips the branding for a textured rear panel.

It is possible that Dizo has tweaked the design prior to the official teasers. But if this phone is, in fact, the Dizo Star 500, then we can expect to see dual SIM support, a microSD card slot, 2G connectivity, and an 1830 mAh battery.

The Dizo Star 500 was accompanied by a Dizo Star 300 on the FCC. It featured a smaller screen, but a bigger 2,500 mAh battery. The rest of the specifications were the same with dual SIM support, microSD card slot, and 2G connectivity.

There is no official word on the Dizo Star 300 either, but we expect to hear more over the coming weeks.