Govt Bans New Job Posts Under Austerity Drive

The federal government has placed a ban on the creation of new posts, purchase of all types of vehicles, and restricted all outstation meetings through internet links (Zoom etc).

The move is part of the new austerity measures introduced due to the financial constraints for the current fiscal year.

The Finance Ministry while announcing new measures said that the move was aimed at controlling the expenditures of the government.

“There shall be a complete ban on the purchase of all types of vehicles both for current and development expenditure excluding motorcycles, student buses, ambulances and fire fighting vehicles,” the ministry of finance stated in an office memorandum.


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Further, there will be a blanket ban on the creation of new posts in government departments, except for those required for development projects and approved by the competent authority.

“Privilege of periodical, magazines, newspapers etc, to the entitled officers, will remain restricted to only one,” the office memorandum said.


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It added that Principal Accounting Officers (PAOs) would rationalize the consumption of utilities, i.e., electricity, gas, telephone, water, etc. Meanwhile, the expenses on purchase of assets, repair and maintenance, and all other operational expenditures will be kept at a bare minimum level.

The ministry was directed to use both sides of the paper in all official communications. Meanwhile, all outstation meetings are restricted through internet links (zoom, etc.) only unless physical presence is strongly needed and approved by the competent authority.