Xiaomi is Working on a Mi Band With 360-Degree Flexible Display: Leak

Xiaomi’s Mi Bands have featured ordinary-looking designs since the start, but the brand may be looking to change things around.  A newly surfaced leak shows that Xiaomi is working on a high-end Mi Band X with a 360-degree flexible display.


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The report comes from a leaked slide from a company presentation. This slide shows a number of upcoming features for the alleged Mi Band X.

The text from the slide has been machine-translated

According to the slide, the Mi Band X will have a flexible display that will wrap around your wrist. There will be no strap on the band, which means that it will cover the full 360 degrees around your wrist. Instead of a strap, it will use a magnet to snap around the wrist.

The slide says that this design will be more convenient to wear and the band will have an extremely light and thin design overall.

Lastly, it may feature a black color variant at launch.

However, it is worth mentioning that the Mi Band X will likely cost much more than a typical band due to its next-gen design. The Mi Band 6 starts at $53, which means that the Mi Band X will be priced several times higher than that.