Pakistan Navy’s Third Type-054A/P Guided-Missile Frigate Launched in China

The launch ceremony of the third state-of-the-art Type-054 class frigate constructed for the Pakistan Navy was held at Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard, China.

According to a statement by DGPR Navy, the Type-054 A/P Jiangkai II-class guided-missile frigate is equipped with the latest surface, subsurface, anti-air weaponry.


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The Combat Management System (CMS) and sensors of the warship make it one of the most advanced surface platforms in the fleet of Pakistan Navy.

The induction of the third warship will strengthen the maritime defensive capabilities of Pakistan Navy while the deterrence capabilities of the ship will contribute in maintaining peace and stability in the region.

In June 2017, Pakistan Navy had inked an agreement with a Chinese shipbuilder, China Shipbuilding Trading Company (CSTC), for the purchase of two Type 054 II-class frigates.

A year later, the agreement was extended as Pakistan Navy ordered two more Type 054A/P Jiangkai II-class guided-missile frigates.

China has already delivered the two Type 054 II-class frigates to Pakistan Navy. The first frigate was delivered in August last year while the second frigate was launched in January this year. Both frigates were launched at the HZS in Shanghai.

About Type 054A/P Frigates

The Type 054A/P frigate is an improved and extended version of the Chinese-made Type 054 multi-role frigate which was commissioned in the Chinese Navy in 2007.


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It uses the same stealth features as the Type 054 frigate including sloped hull design and radar-absorbent materials but is equipped with modern sensors and weapons.

The Type 054A/P frigate is a 440 feet long, 52 feet wide naval ship and can accommodate 165 naval personnel. It has a displacement capacity of 3,676,820 kg, a maximum range of 14,862 km, and a top speed of 50 km/h.

It is equipped with the following weapon systems:

  • 32 vertical launcher systems with the ability to fire the following:
    • HQ-16 medium-range air defense missiles
    • Anti-submarine missiles
  • 2 x 4 C-803 anti-ship/land-attack cruise missiles
  • 1 x PJ26 76 mm dual-purpose gun
  • 2 x Type 730 seven-barrel 30 mm Close-in Weapon Systems (CIWS) guns
  • 2 x 3 324mm Yu-7ASW torpedo launchers
  • 2 x 6 Type 97 240mm anti-submarine rocket launchers
  • 2 x Type 726-4 18-tube decoy rocket launchers

It also comes equipped with a hangar and helideck fitted with a helicopter handling system to support missions for mid-sized helicopters such as Harbin Z-9C or Kamov Ka-28 Helix.