PITB Clarifies the Link Between Arfa Software Technology Park & Arfa Trainings

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has clarified that Arfa Trainings- National Initiative for Skills Development is not associated with Arfa Software Technology Park Lahore in any way.

According to an official statement, PITB said that Arfa Trainings is a fake company that is using the name and images of Arfa Software Technology Park to trick unsuspecting citizens and deprive them of their hard-earned money.


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Arfa Trainings and Arfa Software Technology Park are two completely separate entities, read the PITB statement, adding that PITB has not provided any office space to Arfa Trainings as well.

A quick look at the website of Arfa Trainings shows that the company claims to offer more than 60 courses and employs over 150 instructors who have trained over 8,000 students.


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While it unabashedly also claims to be located in Arfa Software Technology Park, Arfa Trainings has been charging innocent citizens Rs. 1,500 on the pretence of offering a 2-month training program, Rs. 5,000 for a 6-month program, and Rs. 10,000 for a 12-month program.

PITB warned that the management of Arfa Software Technology Park will not be held responsible for the actions of Arfa Trainings and any financial losses incurred by the citizens due to it.