PM Imran Praises Policeman for Saving a Man From Getting Crushed by Train

Prime Minister Imran Khan has lauded the efforts of the policeman who saved a man from getting crushed by a train at a railway station.

The premier shared a short video clip of the incident, which shows the policeman standing on the platform as a train overloaded with passengers begins to leave the station.


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As the train picks up pace, a passenger falls dangerously close to the train, prompting a quick reaction from the cop who runs towards the person and drags the helpless man out of the railway track area.

The premier described his quick thinking and commitment to duty to avoid a certain catastrophe as ‘sacred.’

“This is where duty becomes sacred. Admiration for the commitment of the young policeman to serve the people,” the Prime Minister wrote on Twitter.


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This is not the first time PM Imran has appreciated the dutifulness of law enforcers. In June, the premier showered praises on a head constable of Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), who had returned to his duty just two days after getting his arm fractured in an on-duty incident.

“I am very happy. I saw [what you did] and read about it… a lot of people also appreciated your effort,” Khan said in a video of his meeting with the head constable released by the Prime Minister’s Office.