Thousands of E-Challans Help Reduce Traffic Violations in Islamabad

The e-challan system has been launched under the Safe City project in the federal capital to ensure a safe road environment. It has been instrumental in maintaining traffic discipline and reducing road accidents and traffic violations and has fined motorists in Islamabad whose violations of traffic rules were caught on camera.


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A total of 17,000 e-challans were issued to motorists for various traffic violations through Safe City cameras in Islamabad. Of these fines, 9,205 were issued for the speed limit, and 7,799 were issued for lane indiscipline. The fine tickets have been dispatched to the addresses of the vehicle owners.

Failure to pay the fines within 10 days will result in a copy of the fine being placed in the vehicle file at the Excise and Taxation Office and the commencement of legal action.


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The Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Islamabad, Qazi Jamil ur Rehman, said on Sunday that the project is using the latest technology for policing affairs, and it has aided the implementation of traffic laws and the monitoring of suspects under criminal investigation.

He added that the system is being improved to ensure a disciplined traffic environment in the city.