Redmi Note 10 Production Halted as Global Chip Shortage Worsens

The global chip shortage is not getting better as it continues to hit more companies and brands every other day. Xiaomi Indonesia has become its latest victim, causing it to halt the production of its Redmi Note 10 devices.


Xiaomi Teases a Product Launch for September 15

According to CNBC International’s report, this was due to the global chip shortage and it is expected to hit other markets as well. Xiaomi Indonesia is now urging its customers to buy other smartphones from the Redmi Note 10 lineup. This includes the Redmi Note 10 Pro, 10S, and 10 5G.

It is disappointing to see the Redmi Note 10 go out of the market as it is one of the most impressive and affordable phones from Xiaomi in 2021. The vanilla Redmi Note 10 features an AMOLED display, a 48MP quad rear camera setup with 4K video recording, a 5,000 mAh battery with 33W fast charging, Snapdragon 678, all for less than $200.

The Redmi Note 10 is hard to find in Pakistan as well, but the Note 10 Pro is still available on Mi Store’s official website. However, we expect other Redmi Note 10 phones to quickly sell out since they have always been fan favorites.

Chip Shortage is Here to Stay

As for the global chip shortage, the situation is only expected to get worse as COVID-19 continues to rampage through Malaysia. Malaysia is a major center for chip testing and packaging with several operating plants from key suppliers.

COVID-19 cases are soaring in the region and it has jeopardized the country’s plans for lifting lockdowns and restoring full production capacity in factories. Several major companies have halted production completely but some have been granted an exemption.

Some plants were allowed to continue production with 60% of the workforce and they will be able to move back to 100% once 80% of their workers are fully vaccinated.

As such, the semiconductor shortage, which is already at crisis levels, is only expected to get worse in the near future.