Daraz Delists 5,000+ Sellers to Enhance Customer Experience

In a bold step to elevate customer experience and quality of service, and to improve its seller space, the Pakistani e-commerce giant, Daraz, has removed over 5,000 sellers from its platform.

Daraz has 15 million monthly users and has dominated the e-retail space for a long time now. As the platform continues to see rapid growth, consumers are increasingly making purchase decisions with the help of one of the most powerful e-commerce tools: consumer reviews!

Knowing that online shoppers highly rely on the customer evaluations of their most trusted peers instead of word-of-mouth referrals, Daraz has taken this important step to remove thousands of poorly performing and non-compliant sellers from its platform.

According to Daraz, this wasn’t a hasty decision as the delisting depended on essential factors like High Cancellation Rate, High Return Rate, Late Processing Orders, Poor Customer Reviews, and Bad Operational KPIs.

While evaluations are crucial for sellers, they are equally crucial for businesses. Reviews have a direct impact on a business’s reputation and may be the final nudge that converts a client or convinces them to never consider the brand again.

Daraz says it is continuously working to enhance its brand and seller listing as well as review system, and encourages businesses to respond to customer comments and concerns. Shoppers value this engagement and are getting more informed when it comes to identifying reliable evaluations.

Moreover, Daraz expects brands to be prepared to collaborate with this marketplace in order to exceed customers’ expectations and maintain a steady stream of genuine positive feedback and sales.

  • They should also focus on the delivery issue. Most of the time delivery is late and since they started using PK-DEX delivery experience is very bad for me at least.
    I live in well known are of islamabad i.e Pwd and i was unable to find the area on thier system. And because of that I am unable to place order.

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