Private Schools of Karachi to Vaccinate Students Aged 17 and Above

The private schools of Karachi decided on Monday to vaccinate all students aged 17 and above against the COVID-19.

The decision was made in a meeting of the heads of private school associations earlier today. However, the associations instructed school administrations to obtain a consent certificate from parents before the immunization of their children.

“Only those students will be vaccinated against the virus who submit their parents’ consent certificate to the management of the concerned school,” said the association in a statement.

It added that the teams of doctors and paramedical staff will visit schools to inoculate students, adding that the students will receive the jab after the initial medical examination.

Meanwhile, the Sindh government has also launched a COVID-19 vaccination campaign in schools and colleges from 6 September.

The decision taken during a high-level meeting on Saturday decided that all students of grade 9 and above will be vaccinated against COVID-19 with the consent of their parents.