FDE Issues New Uniform Workload Schedule for Teaching Staff in Islamabad

A uniform workload for the teaching staff in the education institutions (Islamabad Model Schools and Colleges) under the ambit of the Federal Directorate of Education, Islamabad, was approved on Monday.

Academics Director Saadia Adnan had issued the directive detailing that while a minimum duration of 40 minutes for each period is to be followed by all the teaching staff, the Head of Institutions can decide on a rationalized workload according to the institutional needs, and it may exceed the prescribed limit.

According to the notification issued for the revised workload, the Head of Institution has a minimum of six hours teaching workload per week apart from exclusive administrative duties; the Vice Principal/Associate Professor has 14 teaching hours; a Vice Principal/Assistant Professor has 28 teaching hours; and SST/Lecturer/ST, SET/JLT, and EST must complete a minimum of 28 teaching hours.