Karachi Police Collected Rs. 8.1 Million Fines in Last 11 Days From Underage Drivers

The Karachi Traffic Police has launched a campaign against underage drivers and their parents and has started issuing fines to the drivers as well as their parents.

A spokesperson from the department stated on Monday that in the last 11 days, the department has issued fines of around Rs. 8.1 million in challan to over 8,000 underage drivers and over 3,000 parents or vehicle owners. He added that the campaign was started on the directives of the Sindh High Court.

Elaborating on the figures, he said that 8,575 underage drivers have been fined Rs. 4,287,500 while parents or vehicle owners have been fined Rs. 3,901,000. He added that the department has confiscated 8,247 vehicles in the drive.

Karachi Traffic Police had started the drive on 2 September and in three days, the department had issued fines worth Rs. 2.6 million. Senior Superintendent of Police, Ahmed Baig, has said that the Police personnel have performed well and asked them to ensure the smooth flow of traffic as they conduct their duties.

  • In UK and US the age is 16 for a driving license, while in some states it can also be 14 as learner permit. Maybe they should revise the law and get out of 80s and 70s mindset. Kids nowadays learn much faster!

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