LIVE BLOG: Shell Tameer Awards 2021

Shell Tameer Awards 2021 are live now where 20 young finalists from across Pakistan will be presenting innovative business ideas around clean energy, women empowerment, technology innovation, circular economy, transport & mobility, and more.


Shell Tameer is an entrepreneurial skills development program for young people aged between 18 and 35. The program offers training on enterprise skills and starting a business, and networking with expert organizations to develop business plans and to secure start-up finance.

Shell Tameer has a two-yearly award scheme to recognize and reward successful young entrepreneurs. Shell Tameer Award is a nationwide competition, to recognize, celebrate and reward young talent making significant contributions in the national entrepreneurship space.

Keep following this space for live updates of the awards. To catch the awards event live, visit our Facebook page.

7:00 PM
Here are the winners of Shell Tameer Awards 2021

CATEGORY: Empowering Women
WINNER: Civixa
FOUNDER: Alveena Sohail
ABOUT SOLUTION: A women-led startup providing AI-based data management solutions to help organizations achieve their business objectives through a data-driven approach

CATEGORY: Circular Economy
FOUNDER: Anusha Fatima
ABOUT SOLUTION: A tech-based waste recycling startup enabling communities to reduce their waste footprint while creating opportunities for the informal waste pickers in the supply chain

CATEGORY: Clean Energy Solutions
FOUNDER: Osama Shakeel
ABOUT SOLUTION: A cleantech startup focused on designing innovative electrical load management products that can reduce electricity bills and power loss up to 20%

CATEGORY: Technology Innovation
FOUNDER: Ansab Naqvi
ABOUT SOLUTION: A technology innovator providing water management solutions to households and industries through their smart app and IoT based technology

CATEGORY: Transport & Mobility
WINNER: Elixis
FOUNDER: Mohammed Ahmed
ABOUT SOLUTION: A young innovator promoting sustainable mobility through locally built electric bicycles to help reduce environmental impacts of commuting

CATEGORY: Bright Idea Award
WINNER: Boltay Huroof
FOUNDER: Hafiz Sheikh Umer Farooq
ABOUT SOLUTION: A tech-based social enterprise aimed at improving accessibility and digital inclusion for the blind and low-vision community through their braille translation software

6:30 PM
“One mistake startups make is to focus on valuation rather than the value,” Amir Paracha – CEO Unilever

“Founders must learn that their ideas and solutions must be built around a purpose, and that they should focus more on creating value for the end-user, rather than worrying about the valuation of their startup,” said Amir Paracha – CEO Unilever.

According to him, there are two ‘breeds’ of startups in Pakistan today: One that is driven by purpose; and the other whose primary goal is to make money out of the solution in the short term.

6:20 PM
“Acquiring seed funding was nearly impossible in the past,” Humayun Bashir – Chairman NCCPL

“Unlike today, acquiring seed funding, even in small amounts, was nearly impossible in the past,” shared Humayun Bashir – Chairman NCCPL. “Today, startups are easily landing millions in seed funding as investors know countless success stories around them and can bet on promising innovations.”

6:15 PM
“Perception of entrepreneurship has drastically changed among Pakistani youth,” Imran ur Rahman – CEO Dawood Hercules

Unlike their older generation, the youth of Pakistan is more inclined towards entrepreneurship today. The thought previously was to have enough money for investment to be able to start a business. Today, our youngsters know that just innovative ideas can turn into viable businesses.

These thoughts were shared by Imran ur Rahman – CEO Dawood Hercules during the panel discussion ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s Role in Shaping the Future of Pakistan’ at the Shell Tameer Awards 2021.

6:10 PM
“Entrepreneurship must also be Skill, Market, and Opportunity based,” Haroon Rashid

Adding to Amir Paracha’s comment, Haroon Rashid – CEO Shell Pakistan said that innovation and solutions must also be based on Skill, Market, Opportunity to survive and thrive in today’s competitive climate.

The panelists are discussing ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s Role in Shaping the Future of Pakistan’ at the Shell Tameer Awards 2021.

6:00 PM
“Innovation must be executable, repeatable, and monetizable,” Amir Paracha

All innovation must be based on a purpose. And for long-term success, every innovation must be executable, repeatable, and monetizable,” shared Amir Pasha, CEO Unilever.

5:55 PM
Panel Discussion Commences

A panel discussion on ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s Role in Shaping the Future of Pakistan’ has now begun.

The discussion is hosted by Sidra Iqbal and the panelists include Haroon Rashid – CEO Shell Pakistan, Amir Paracha – CEO Unilever, Imran ur Rahman – CEO Dawood Hercules, and Humayun Bashir – Chairman NCCPL.

5:48 PM
“We were heartened by the innovative solutions presented by our finalists today,” Afshan Pasha, Shell Tameer Program Manager

Shell Tameer’s program manager Afshan Pasha says that she herself as well as the judges were overwhelmed and truly impressed by the innovative business ideas pitched by the 20 finalists today.

Afshan Pasha also shed light on how Shell Tameer has impacted lives since its beginning. “It’s vital for us to turn life-changing ideas to million-dollar solutions at Shell Tameer,” Afshan added.



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