Facebook Now Has Reels to Rival TikTok

Facebook is taking its rivalry with TikTok to another level. The social media giant is adding Instagram Reels to the Facebook App, which will bring a section for short videos to the app.

The short videos format was originally popularized by TikTok which was later copied by several others including YouTube in the form of YouTube shorts.

Reels on Facebook are no different from Instagram. They are even called Facebook Reels and work exactly the same way. It is initially available in the US on Android and iOS but should be arriving in other regions soon. Facebook Reels will consist of music, audio, effects, and more and will be seen on the News Feed or Groups.

While watching a Reel, you can easily follow the creator, comment on their post, and share it with your friends. Facebook is also testing a way for Instagram users to have their Reels recommended on the main Facebook app. This hints that the Reels feature may be fully integrated between the two apps in the future.

Facebook Reels will have support for AR effects, timers, countdowns, controlling playback speed, putting together multiple clips, and adding external audio. Reels will be visible publicly to users over 18, but you can change your audience anytime through the settings.