Multan’s Millionaire Beggar Flees After Receiving Notice From FBR

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued notice to ‘Shaukat Bikhari,’ who is reportedly the ‘richest’ beggar in Multan.

According to details, Shaukat has Rs. 1.7 million in his bank account while his children are studying in the most expensive school of Multan.

The FBR has asked Shaukat to explain the source of his income and why he failed to submit his tax returns. It has also questioned him to explain how he bought life insurance worth Rs. 10 million for his children.

Media reports claim that the richest beggar in Multan fled his city after receiving the notice from the FBR. The FBR, however, has formed teams to trace him down.

Shaukat Bikhari is a popular figure on social media as well. Time and again, he has shared videos of himself explaining the source of his income.

In one such video, he revealed that he lived in Shah Jamal neighborhood in Multan where he had been begging and earning more than Rs. 1,000 per day.

Published by
Haroon Hayder