FBR Makes Uniforms Mandatory for Tax Officers

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has made the uniform mandatory for all tax officials.

The tax department on Friday issued the Inland Revenue Uniform rules which make the uniform mandatory for all officials of Income-tax.

In order to maintain and encourage a sense of discipline, all ranks of IRS (BS-1 to 22) shall wear uniforms during the performance of official duties.

The prescribed uniform shall be worn by all ranks posted in Regional Tax Offices, Large Taxpayers Offices, Medium Taxpayers Offices, Corporate Tax Offices, Directorates, and by all equivalent ranks as and when notified by the Board.

In addition, the notification states that the officers and officials notified by the Board to wear the uniform under these rules shall be entitled to receive the grant of Rs. 25,000 one time for purchase of uniform besides they can also get Rs. 3,000 as well as Rs. 5000 on yearly basis as renewal grants for summer and winter uniforms respectively.

For the purpose of uniformity, shoulder insignia, chest insignias, peak cap badges, name tags, and all other accouterments shall be designed and manufactured in one place.

Every officer and official has to wear ribbons and medals according to their seniority in the service including Service Medals, Commemorative Medals, or any special medal/award on account of any special achievement as notified by the Board.

Regular training shall be conducted by the respective Directorates of Training to educate officers and staff on uniform decorum. All the probationary and under-training officers during their STP must wear the prescribed uniform during all the training sessions and classes.