CONNECT Joins The FTTH Council (Asia-Pacific)

“To us, success is not a destination, it is a journey and we are focused on it.” This is the vision of CEO Connect Communications. Not just a name or a company, but a passion, a desire for growth, service, and success. The company’s success story is based on tireless hard work and the dedication of its team members. For its customers, Connect is a name that stands for commitment, customer care, integrity, product knowledge, seamless service, and competitive pricing.

Established in 2005, Connect over the years has grown to join the ranks of the largest internet and data service providers of Pakistan, providing a wide range of services to international and domestic carriers, government, corporate and residential sectors.

In today’s times, the world has squeezed down to a global village, with the internet amongst key factors driving this world. To provide the best broadband services, FTTx (Fiber to the Premises) is the fastest and most reliable method of connectivity in which fiber optics are connected directly to the customer premises.

One organizational body that has been playing a key role in constantly improving and enhancing the FTTH experience for people from all walks of life is FTTH Council. The FTTH Council is a non-profit organization established in 2005 to supply a consistent and accurate view of FTTH, promote FTTH market development, and be recognized by the industry as the FTTH resource.

Currently, FTTH Council APAC has renowned members from China, Mauritius, Australia, Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore, and Pakistan as its members.

Connect joins the FTTH Council APAC as a gold member. Saad Afzal – Vice President at Connect said,

The hard work of our team has earned this reward, we take pride in serving our people and reassure our clients that we will continue to serve them with even more diligence and perseverance. To use this membership is just another step in our journey, enabling us to assure the maximum commitments to the telecommunication and IT industry of Pakistan.

  • Compliments Mr. Saad Afzal VP Connect gold member on gthe pleasant surprise on Accession of FTTH when 5G accession launch 2022 January.
    I understand FBR grants tax holiday on Digital FTTH would be welcome by UN/ITU, Geneva as well. Myself being the 1st prospect to respond your ad.,/article should likely be your prefered customer, prefered QOS, preferred tariff incentive. Best wishes, Haroon Rashid

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