PM Inaugurates Academic Blocks at Al-Qadir University

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan inaugurated the academic blocks of Al-Qadir University in Jhelum today.

While speaking at the inaugural ceremony, he highlighted that the university will revive the concept of Riaysat-e-Madina.

The premier said that he always aimed to establish institutions that will implement Islam in its true spirit but lamented that no research work is being done on the lives of Muslim leaders, warriors, and scholars at Pakistani universities.

“Islam and science have both worked side by side. There is harmony between them. Read Al-Biruni and others, they have a strong connection to Allah,” he said.

The PM said that colonialism had resulted in Muslims suffering from mental slavery worldwide, and remarked that mental slavery is more dangerous than physical slavery. He mentioned that Pakistan’s youth has been made to study western culture and has been misled by it. He then urged universities to research the disastrous impact of western culture on family life and mentioned that it has spread vulgarity in Pakistani culture.

PM Khan emphasized the importance of colleges and universities and said that preparing a lot of erudite and talented youth with moral strength is crucial. He emphasized the need for an education system that teaches self-development besides being a source of positivity in society.

He also discussed leadership qualities and opined that a liar and coward can never become a leader. He explained that the concept of leadership given by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will be taught at Pakistani universities.

Abdul Qadir University

Named after the great Sufi saint of Islam, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, Abdul Qadir University is one of PM Khan’s flagship projects. He had floated the idea of establishing a university that will impart religious education, modern sciences, Sufism, mysticism, and high moral values in 2019.

The premier had laid the foundation stone of the university in 2019 with the objective to make it a base of science and spirituality.