Roam the World with Zong 4G’s Seamless International Roaming Services

Understanding and addressing the rapidly changing digital connectivity needs of the market is vital for any telecom operator. In Pakistan, Zong is one operator that ensures customer-centricity with its products and solutions built around the evolving demands.


Keeping in mind the connectivity needs of consumers on the move, Zong commits itself to facilitate its users with innovative ways to help its users stay on the grid at all times.

Everyone prefers to stay on a budget when they travel and here is where Zong 4G comes in with its unmatched roaming packages. Customers who want seamless connectivity on the go should not worry as Zong 4G has 48 countries covered with 55 prepaid global roaming partners.

On the other hand, customers who prefer cellular data should not sweat either as the company has that covered well too with 29 prepaid countries, boasting about 33 data roaming partners.

Why Zong 4G Roaming?

Zong 4G has been the industry leader since its conception in 2008, providing its customers with blazing fast 4G LTE services with coverage across the length and breadth of the country. It serves its customers with a multitude of diverse bundles and packages to cater to everyone’s communications needs.

Activating these packages is made simple by the company; anyone using a Zong 4G prepaid service can activate the roaming bundles by dialing *4255#, accessing My Zong App, or visiting:


Zong 4G’s innovative bundles and packages and the ability to activate them remotely are helpful especially in this time of the raging pandemic.

These IR packages would not only save the customer hassle caused by low balance or finding a new SIM in foreign lands but will also make them feel at home with its compelling user experience.

Packages and Bundles

The number of packages offered by Zong is immense and impressive at the same time. Such a number of varying packages and bundles ensures affordability and that every customer from any diverse background can be catered to and their international roaming needs would be fulfilled.

UAE & Oman T20 World Cup Data Bundle 2,000+Tax 2GB, Validity: 30 Days
Turkey Prepaid IR offer 2,232+Tax 30 Minutes, 30 SMS and 1 GB, Validity: 15 Days
Prepaid Outbound Roaming Free of cost
UAE IR prepaid premium offer PKR 2,999+Tax 250 Minutes, 2GB Data, 250 SMS Validity: 7 days
KSA IR Voice + DATA Basic Offer PKR 1,499+Tax 70 Minutes, 1GB Data, Validity: 90 days
KSA IR Voice + DATA Super Offer PKR 2499+Tax 140 Minutes, 1GB Data, Validity: 90 days
KSA IR Voice + DATA Mega Offer PKR 3499+Tax 210 Minutes, 1GB Data, Validity: 90 days
KSA Supreme Offer PKR 2000+Tax 60 Minutes, 60 SMS, 512MB Data, Validity: 90 days
Saudi Arab Special Discounted Roaming Bundle PKR 999+Tax 35 Minutes and 1 GB, Validity: 90 days
KSA Small usage Offer PKR 1000+ Tax 70 Minutes, Validity: 90 days
KSA Medium usage Offer PKR 2000+ Tax 140 Minutes, Validity: 90 days
KSA Large usage Offer PKR 3000+Tax 210 Minutes, Validity: 90 days
KSA IR Data Tester offer PKR 499+Tax 1GB Data, Validity: 90 days
Iran Ziyarat Package PKR 1000+ Tax 60 Minutes, Validity: 30 Days
Iran Business Package Rs. 3000+Tax 200 Minutes, Validity: 60 days
China IR Power Offer PKR 3199+Tax 150 Minutes, 150 SMS, 2GB Data, Validity: 15 days
China IR Travel Bundle PKR 1000+Tax 150 Minutes, 150 SMS, Validity: 15 days
China IR Business Offer PKR 2000+Tax 300 Minutes, 300 SMS, Validity: 30 days
China IR Basic DATA Offer PKR 1199+Tax 1GB Data, Validity: 7 days
China IR Super DATA Offer PKR 2199+Tax 2GB Data, Validity: 15 days
UAE IR Travel Offer PKR 1000+Tax 120 Minutes, 120 SMS, Validity: 7 days
UAE IR Business Offer PKR 2000+Tax 250 Minutes, 250 SMS, Validity: 7days
UAE IR Mega DATA Offer PKR 1999+Tax 4GB Data, Validity: 15 days
UAE IR Super DATA Offer PKR 999+Tax 2GB Data, Validity: 7 days
UK Data Roaming Bundle Recharge Required: PKR 5000 3GB Data, Validity: 30 days
Turkey 15 Days Data Offer PKR 2499+Tax 2GB Data, Validity: 15 days


The company has been at the forefront of introducing new and unrivaled roaming services and has cemented itself as a prepaid roaming leader, ensuring that the people abroad always stay connected to the ones at home.



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