University of Agriculture Faisalabad Bans Jeans & T-Shirts in New Dress Code

The University of Agriculture Faisalabad’s (UAF) Toba Tek Singh sub-campus has issued a new dress code for male and female students.

The varsity’s principal, Dr. Nisar Ahmad, issued a notification in this regard on Tuesday, barring male students from wearing shorts, cut-off jeans, and trousers.

“Male students are not allowed to wear shorts, cut-off jeans, multi-pocket, faded, torn and skin-fitted jeans and trousers, T-shirts with messages of any kind, chappals and slippers, bandanas, caps, vest of any kind, long hair and ponytails, earrings, wrist straps, and bracelets,” the notification read.

Similarly, female students are no longer allowed to wear T-shirts with jeans, sleeveless shirts, see-through and skintight dresses, heavy make-up, flashy and heavy jewelry, and anklets.

Earlier this year, Hazara University had also issued a new dress code for male and female students and faculty staff.

In its notification, the varsity had prohibited females from wearing heavy makeup and jewelry, tight jeans, and T-shirts, while boys were barred from wearing shorts, cut-off jeans (sic), skin-fitted jeans, slippers, earrings, wrist chains. Long hair, ponytails, and unpresentable beard cut were also banned as per the notification.

  • Yaar ye kesey Rule Hai…
    Vo log 🏫 University mey hai tori si teo azadi milni chaye.
    Ais tahna teo 10 Sal ya 20 Sal ke baad Pakistan mey sarea ”poor people ,
    low Educated people hi ho gey.
    Only 20% good people I Thick Rahe jaye gey …
    Baki Sab …
    Toh chale jaye Dosri 🚵 Country…
    Jo ” Rich ”High Educated E.T.C Hongey.

  • From an overseas Pakistan
    This is a good move, is with discipline MIT is number one in the world.
    Is with discipline student will achieve something for themselves and the country.

  • An understandable move, there needs to be a sense of code and decorum amongst the future of the nation. You can’t just wake up and come to the university in your pyjamas and slippers, or dress like a hooligan, or wear heavy jewellery. If a dress is inappropriate for an office environment, it should also be inappropriate for university.

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