KuCoin Has Opened Phone Number Registration Services to Pakistan Users

KuCoin People’s Exchange, the world-leading cryptocurrency exchange, now supports Pakistan users to register accounts with phone numbers. The new function makes digital asset trading easier and more secure with KuCoin.

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin is a top 5 reputable global exchange, offering extremely low trading fees compared to the industrial average. Over 10 million crypto users worldwide trust the platform and trade with its high-quality services.

As per CoinMarketCap, it has a daily trading volume of more than $4.251B. It is also named one of the best crypto exchanges FOR 2021 by Forbes Advisor.

Known as People’s Exchange, KuCoin is built for all classes of investors, especially newcomers. It established about 20 global communities to serve its users worldwide.

The KuCoin Pakistanian Telegram community will be set up in the next few weeks to offer localized services for all Pakistan users. In addition, KuCoin provides simple-to-use trading tools and a wide range of crypto products.

For instance, KuCoin’s P2P fiat trade market allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies with PKR at the best prices. Besides, new traders can get an easy start by earning passive income with KuCoin trading bot or Crypto lending services. More experienced traders can access margin trading and futures trading to amplify gains.

What’s the uniqueness of KuCoin?

Also featured as the Top 1 Altcoin Exchange, KuCoin supports over 600 tradable assets with 1000+ trading pairs. Except for BTC and ETH, users can explore numerous crypto gems at a relatively small market cap to anticipate a huge growth potential.

In addition, KuCoin prioritizes the security of user assets and prevents privacy leakage of user data from third-party platforms.

It offers bank-level security with one of the world’s most sophisticated security technology and maintenance teams, and constantly upgrades its security systems to ensure the safety of user assets and accounts. Besides, KuCoin has a 24/7 customer support service and beginner-friendly UX.

KCS is KuCoin’s native token. KCS holders (with more than 6 KCS) can share the daily KCS Bonus, which comes from 50% of the daily trading fee revenue from KuCoin. In addition, there are numerous crypto events and welfare for KuCoin and KCS users to access.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency on KuCoin?
  • Go to the KuCoin website www.kucoin.com and click on “Buy Crypto” at the top bar. Then visit the KuCoin P2P Fiat Trade homepage.

  • After selecting the currency you’d want to buy, click on the ‘Buy’.


  • Enter the amount you want to buy and click “Place Order”.

  • On the order page, confirm the amount and payment method of the order. Please transfer your payment to the seller within the limited time (30 minutes). The order will be automatically canceled if the payment is not marked within the specified time. Please make sure you click on “Mark as Paid” in time after your payment is done.

  • Please be patient and wait for the seller to release the crypto assets after you finish step 4.

After the seller releases the coins, the crypto assets will arrive at your Main Account and the order is completed.  Then users can transfer the crypto from Main Account to Trading Account, and exchange altcoins they prefer on the KuCoin Spot market.

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Join the KuCoin Pakistanian Telegram community for more information.