Police to Arrest Individuals Who Deliberately Blocked Roads With Snow in Murree

The Rawalpindi Police, on Tuesday, vowed to arrest the culprits involved in obstructing Bhurban road during the recent snowstorm in Murree. The development comes a day after a viral video claimed that hotel staff and locals of Bhurban had shoveled snow onto the roads to create obstructions.

The official Twitter handle of the Rawalpindi Police stated that the City Police Officer (CPO) Rawalpindi, Sajid Kiani, had taken notice of a citizen’s complaint and directed concerned officers to take legal action in this regard.

“The case has been registered in the police complaint and the accused will be arrested and brought to justice,” it added.

“By the time, they come back in the morning, the snow will turn into black ice and tens of cars will get stuck on the road. Then, they will charge Rs. 4,000 to 5,000 per car to tow them up the hill with the help of a jeep,” he had said.

The individual who posted the video stated that the purpose of recording the video was to expose the wrongdoings of locals and alert authorities about it.