Octopus Digital Wins a 5-Year Agreement Contract of Rs. 120 Million

Octopus Digital Limited has secured a five-year contract worth Rs. 120 million to provide maintenance services to a leading service manufacturer in the country.

According to a notice to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the scope of work will focus on IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) contract on a BTMI basis (Build, Train to Operate, Maintain & Improve), according to a stock filing. Octopus Digital Limited has extensive experience and expertise in maintenance and support services. The company partners with leading global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure best-in-class industry solutions for its customers.

The five-year contract marks Octopus Digital’s entry into the construction sector. Cement, a crucial ingredient of the construction sector, is experiencing a dramatic boom in Pakistan. The national local cement consumption is expected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7 percent till the year 2025 taking the local count to 65 million tons per annum. One challenge for cement manufacturers during this period of growth would be to control costs due to rapidly increasing coal prices.

Octopus Digital will play a critical role in helping the cement plant operations become efficient and cost-effective through its state-of-the-art decision support system (DSS). Octopus Digital will deploy its DSS with real-time dashboards, cloud integration and reporting capability to deliver key insights on complex data to assist every user throughout the organization to achieve operational optimization and modernization.

The company will provide all services in accordance with the set standard industry protocols. For the execution of this project, Octopus Digital will be partnering with world-class OEMs. All necessary studies will be carried out before the start of the project with failsafe plans to address any safety, quality, and environmental issues.