PTCL Raises Internet Prices for Charji Due to Higher Taxes

PTCL is back at it again with incremental price increases for its internet packages. This time, the telecommunication giant is increasing the prices for its Charji (4G) wireless internet services.

In the wake of increased taxes imposed by the government, PTCL Charji packages will be revised starting today. A Charji Unlimited Package will now cost Rs. 2,099 per month with no hidden charges. The cost is inclusive of all taxes.

Keep in mind that this price is only applicable to those outside of Lahore and Karachi. PTCL Charji customers in Lahore and Karachi will pay only Rs. 1,599 per month with the same benefits and features as other countrywide customers.

It may be called Charji “Unlimited” Package, but fair usage policy still limits it to 150GB bandwidth. 150GB per month is plenty for a lot of people, but if you are someone who needs endless downloads, then you might want to look elsewhere.

A PTCL Charji device costs Rs 2,500.

  • If I buy device from karachi with monthly package and will use outside of karachi and lahore, do I have to pay 2099 or other amount

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