Kazakh Envoy Stresses Exchange of Authentic Information With Pakistan

Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan, Yerzhan Kistafin has stressed the need for an exchange of authentic news, reflective of the ground realities, between the two countries for a much-needed mutual understanding, proposing that a closer collaboration must be developed between the information ministries of the two sides.

He was speaking at a special online session, “Understanding Recent Happenings in Kazakhstan,” organized by the Eurasian Century Institute (ECI), Islamabad.

The envoy gave a detailed briefing to researchers and experts of international relations on this month’s troubling events in his country, explaining the context as well as forward linkages of the protests over there. He noted that the chaos created with these protests that resulted in huge loss of lives and property besides threatening the stability of the state was essentially a coup de’tat aimed at toppling the government.

He said the issues of socio-economic inequality and the grievances of people were a reality, and a large number of people were on the streets to express their discomfort. He added that the people’s right to expression was misused and mislead by forces with vested agendas. He noted that evidence of foreign involvement had already emerged in the investigation conducted so far and it would be made public in due course of time.

Yerzhan highlighted that his country was back on a stable trajectory, and the government had announced sets of much-needed economic, socio-economic, and political reforms that would be implemented in months and years ahead. The government of Kazakhstan would do all it can to decrease the gap between rich and poor and move towards equitable distribution of wealth and resources, he asserted.

He made it clear that the government of Kazakhstan was committed to safeguarding the interests of local and foreign investors at all costs. He said his country had a close strategic partnership with the Russian Federation and the help of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in dealing with this chaotic situation only strengthened the partnership.

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Sophia Siddiqui