Pakistani Students Invent Portable Microscope to Detect Water Impurities [Video]

Just 20% of the population has access to pure drinking water. Even fewer are privileged enough to check through laboratories on a daily basis whether the water they are consuming is pure or not.

To tackle this problem, students at the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, Sindh, have developed a portable microscope that can detect impurities in water within seconds.

Hamza Bhutto and Namdaar Zahid are the students behind this invention. They have developed the microscope using a 3D printer. Its size is equal to the palm of a hand and can be carried around in the pocket.

The portable microscope consists of a lens, which has the same capacity as a compound microscope, and an LED, which serves as its light source while a slide containing the water sample is inserted into a small opening. Another small opening allows viewing the contaminants within the water sample.

Moreover, the portable microscope can be connected to a smartphone application that displays the result of the water sample tested.

Currently, the MUET microscope is not available in the market as significant funding is required to produce it on a mass scale. Once available widely, it will cost Rs. 2,000 per piece.

Have a look at the portable microscope:

Via ARY News