Disney+ to Get Cheaper Soon

Although Disney+ is presently one of the more affordable streaming services, the company is working on offering a more affordable version, in an attempt to expand its current userbase. According to a report, Disney is considering an ad-supported model of its popular Disney+ streaming service.

This new model would be cheaper than $7.99 per month and according to some speculations, it might go as low as $5.


This latest version is likely to roll out in the United States first, where the competition is already quite vicious. Paramount, Discovery, Warner Media, and NBC already have an ad-supported subscription package. With the first two already having their cheapest packages starting at $4.99, it doesn’t really come as a surprise seeing Disney trying to top that.


However, if the company decides to go forward with the decision, it would leave only, Apple and Netflix as the streaming giants with no cheap packages. The report further reveals that users in the United States are no longer running away from ad-free services, something Netflix had pioneered more than a decade ago. Instead, they are leaning more and more towards an ad-supported TV model type of service.

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