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PWR Series: Which SUV in Pakistan Is the Fastest?

The SUV market has arguably grown to a degree of over-inflation. Currently, there are over a dozen options to choose from, all of which are priced over Rs. 3 million. This implies that all of them appeal to a small niche of car buyers.

That niche, however, is spoiled by the luxury of choice between several interesting SUVs, with each one offering its own unique flavor.

One of the most important characteristics is their power-to-weight ratio (PWR) as it determines how fast it is. This article will rank all popular SUVs of Pakistan from worst to best, based on their individual PWR:


The list below includes the heaviest variants of all SUVs. Here’s how they all rank:

Overall Ranking Model Engine Displacement (Cubic Capacity) Power Output (hp) Unladen Weight (kg) PWR (hp per kg)
15 Haval H6 1,497 cc 147 1,770 0.083
14 Kia Stonic EX+ 1,498 cc 100 1,160 0.086
13 Haval Jolion 1,497 cc 141 1,550 0.091
12 DFSK Glory 580 Pro 1,498 cc 150 1,570 0.095
11 Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4 2,745 cc 201 2,100 0.095
10 MG ZS EV 103 kW 141 1,580 0.096
9 Honda BR-V i-VTEC S 1,497 cc 120 1,240 0.097
8 Suzuki Vitara GLX 1,586 cc 118 1,185 0.099
7 Kia Sportage AWD 1,999 cc 155 1,544 0.100
6 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate 1,999 cc 155 1,500 0.103
5 Proton X70 Premium FWD 1,477 cc 177 1,675 0.105
4 Peugeot 2008 Allure 1,200 cc 130 1,120 0.116
3 Toyota Corolla Cross High Grade 1,798 cc 168 1,325 0.127
2 MG HS 1.5T PHEV 1,490 cc 250 1,775 0.141
1 Kia Sorento V6 3,342 cc 274 1,800 0.154

Note: Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4 and MG ZS EV have strong torque figures, which allows for better pulling power despite having a low PWR. Furthermore, Changan Oshan X7 is not on the list because its curb weight is still unknown.


In the subcompact SUV segment, Kia Stonic has the worst PWR of 0.086 hp/kg due to the weight of its battery packs. MG ZS EV stands second at 0.096 hp/kg. Peugeot 2008 has the best PWR in its segment at 0.116 hp/kg.

In the compact segment, MG HS 1.5T PHEV ranks first with a PWR of 0.141 hp/kg, whereas Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid places second with a PWR of 0.127 hp/kg. Proton X70 Premium is third, with a PWR of 0.105 hp/kg.

Hyundai Tucson Ultimate is in fourth place with a 0.103 hp/kg ratio, while Kia Sportage All-Wheel Drive comes in at fifth place with a PWR of 0.100 hp/kg. DFSK Glory 580 Pro is next with a PWR of 0.095 hp/kg, whereas Haval Jolion and H6 placed second-last and last with PWRs of 0.083 hp/kg and 0.091 hp/kg.

In the midsize SUV segment, Toyota Fortuner placed second, with a PWR of 0.095 hp/kg. On the number one spot, with a PWR of 0.154 hp/kg, is Kia Sorento V6.

Following the recent price hikes, most SUVs only appeal to a small number of buyers. Regardless, for those with enough purchasing power, Proton X70 Premium is the best value with a price tag of around Rs. 5 million as it offers the best PWR for the least amount of money.

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