PTCL Flash Fiber: Transforming Internet User Experience with Blazing Speed up to 1 Gbps

Do you often find yourself stressed because of slow internet? Not being able to meet deadlines and sadly weekends are the same with nothing to look forward to. All this because of a slow, lagging internet connection. Well, worry no more because PTCL Flash Fiber Internet has got you covered.

Did you hear that it’s offering blazing fast speed up to 1 Gbps per second?

Yes, 1 Gbps per second! You heard it right!

It effectively means the moment you hit the download button, your favorite movie or video game is going to land on your PC in a snap of a finger. Sounds too good to be true but only our previous internet experiences are to be blamed for our misdirected incredulity. So now just sit back, relax and watch your favorite movies or stream videos because your weekends are about to be so much fun!

Frankly, each one of us at some point in time has wished our video streaming didn’t buffer or the favorite online video game didn’t lag but we have had our share of frustration. Nonetheless, with positive developments with respect to internet connectivity and unlimited data, PTCL is bringing its A-game for not only corporate customers but everyday household users.

Pakistan’s national telecom carrier, PTCL, having an admirable track record of leading innovation and technological advancement in the country, is ready to redefine our internet experience through its premium ‘PTCL Flash Fiber’ services that are not only the fastest in the country, but also brings truly unlimited data to fulfill needs of its customers across major cities in Pakistan.

PTCL’s Flash Fiber offers the best contemporary Internet experience with unlimited downloading and blazing fast speeds as high as 1 Gbps per second. Connecting to the Flash Fiber will put internet latency and game lagging in their rightful place – in the past. Not only this, but you also don’t even have to worry about not meeting the work-related deadlines now as Flash Fiber internet is not going to disappoint you.

PTCL’s Flash Fiber is now available across all major metropolises and its network is quickly expanding nationwide to bring true enablement to more Pakistanis. PTCL has launched its industry best 1 Gbps in selective areas for people residing in Lahore & Islamabad and can log on to and check availability of service in their respective areas easily.

PTCL’s Flash Fiber reflects the company’s efforts to fully adapt to new trends and support the digital transformation journey of Pakistan. This service will not only accelerate the growth of budding digital businesses and individual enterprises like online gaming, but also further the Government of Pakistan’s vision for a Digital Pakistan. So, what are you waiting for? Get PTCL’s Flash Fiber Internet Connection now!

  • Misleading false information, not even half of Gbps is offered in the packages section and go cen the track record, even if it was, you would only get a fraction of advertised and billed amount.

  • What are they Charging for 1Gbps? I know this is Sponsored but Still would’ve been nice to know the Price

  • Jhoot. There is no any description of such package in their website. Maximum speed which they are offering to consumers is 100mbps, wo bhi limited download limit, yani 2tb. Or oper likha hota ha truely unlimited.
    Only fiberlink is providing 500mbps package which is doubled at night i.e 1gbps in Pakistan, for only 4800rs plus tax. I know their customer service is pathetic but still they are unlimited.

  • Its a nice joke.PTCL is not even providing basic services in areas of Pakistan’s biggest metropolis

  • Worst service ever. They can’t get 4mb over the lines and offer 10mb. Give me 4mb first then we’ll discuss your flashy services

  • They’re charging Rs. 50,000 without Tax per month for Lahore 1 Gbps.

    I currently have 250Mbps but receive 160Mbps per single download on international servers.

  • پی ٹی سی ایل کا فائبر جتنا مرضی اچھا ہو جائے، انکی سروس حاصل نہیں کرنی چاہئے۔ انکا کنیکشن افسانے کیلئے جتنا ذلیل ہونا پڑا تھا اس کے بعد پی ٹی سی ایل سے میری توبہ ہے۔

  • Only available in Army or forces controlled cantonment areas….. civilians are still on ADSL

  • Obviously not true PTCL is one of the worst internet in Pakistan and more worse is their customer services and they are talking about 1gbps per second bruh.Never

  • Since 2009 in My Area i listen GPON service will be activated till now we don’t have ffth conection how is possibale normal wire supported 50 mb speed ?

  • There is no problem with Speed, the problem is Latency. Either of Video call, audio call or playing online gaming, calls miss out packages which interrupts smooth conversation but while playing game, say good bye to your chance of winning

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