Samsung May Launch a New Line of Folding Phones

Samsung only has two foldable phone lineups at the moment. The Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold become increasingly popular with every new generation and now a fresh report from Galaxy Club suggests that there might be a third foldable this year.

This is because the tipsters have spotted new codenames in the wild called B4, Q4, and N4. Since B3 and Q3 belonged to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 last year, the N4 codename could only be a new foldable phone.

The report adds that Samsung does not plan to produce large quantities of this phone unlike the Z Flip and Z Fold handsets. It is quite possible that Samsung wants to test how well the N4 is received in the market before kicking off large-scale mass production.

Samsung has published quite a lot of patents over the past that showcase rollable phone concepts as well as foldable phones. The N4 may just have an innovative design given the limited production, but that is only speculation for now.

Samsung usually unveils new foldable phones in the middle of the year and that is when we expect to hear official word on the matter. Until then, stay tuned.